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The marina has been entirely renovated and is fully functional. With 60 docks and a capacity of 75 to 80 boats, our facilities combine the convenience of a direct access to the Saint-Lawrence and the security of the river's calm waters. 


Contact our team for information regarding the availability of seasonal spots.




Latitude: 46° 31° 15° N

Longitude: 72° 14° 42° O

Buoy D62

VHF channel 71




Gas pump

Descent ramp

Seasonal parking

Seasonal storage

2024 RATES


All prices exclude taxes.
Interest on overdue accounts: 24% per year (2% per month).
Rates are subject to changes without notice.
We will charge a $25-fee for any check returned due to insufficient funds.
** Applicable only for those who do not pay for docking

Admission (subscription): $2,000


​The amount is payable once, non-transferable and non-refundable. Applies for a client wanting to change boats. In the case of a client selling their boat, the new client will have to pay his subscription. It is not a membership, but an admission fee that comes with preferential rates for most services. If a member does not come to the marina for more than three (3) years, he will lose his access.


Seasonal client:                           


With subscription                $38.00 / linear foot     

Without subscription           $59.00 / linear foot


Fees are annual, calculated per linear foot and measured overall. All boats will be measured without exception before each new season. A minimum of 20 feet is applicable upon booking. We will  be charging a daily $50.00-penalty for any late-season arrivals.


Included :

  • Dockage fees

  • 15-30 amp. power

  • Assistance with departures and docking if required, at our discretion.

  • Drinking water

  • Sewage pump-out

  • Parking

*Launching ramp and assistance not included

Fill in our form to book your seasonal spot

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